Premium Breast Phantom

Set the Standard for Breast Cancer Treatment Monitoring

The complete quantitative parametric suite for ADC & T1 standardization with realistic fat suppression for breast MRI.

Knowing is better than not knowing. Especially when it comes to breast cancer.

  • Suppress breast fat in MRI imaging with CaliberMRI’s unique fat mimic, developed in collaboration with the University of California, San Francisco and NIST.
  • Standardize ADC and T1 relaxation values with CaliberMRI’s human tissue mimic solutions developed in over a decade of collaboration with leading qMRI researchers and scientists.

Know the specs

The Contrast and Diffusion sides are encased in robust, semi-rigid double-walled shells. Between the walls is a fat mimic designed for comprehensive fat suppression assessment.

Evaluated MRI Characteristics

  • B1 and B0 non-uniformity, geometric linearity, gradient amplitude
  • System center frequency drift (short time duration)
  • Resolution and SNR
  • Accuracy and precision of T1 measurements
  • Accuracy and precision of the Apparent Diffusion Coefficient (ADC)

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