qCal-MR Software

Introducing qCal-MR®, the quantitative MRI QC software that provides a cohesive known baseline for qMRI researchers everywhere.

qMRI equations now calculated for you by qCal.

QA/QC statistics are now calculated for you within a matter of minutes after qCal processes your DICOM files or folders.

* T1, variable flip angle (VFA), and the apparent diffusion coefficient (ADC) are all compared to highly accurate NIST values.
* Signal-to-noise ratio (SNR), as well as the repeatability data, repeatability coefficient, and within-subject coefficient of variance are calculated.

Say goodbye to coding and say hello to automated qMRI calibration.
qCal is here to save you valuable research and clinical time so you can transform The Known into incredible human health insights.

* DICOM-to-results in minutes with just a click of a few buttons!
* Regions of interest (ROI) are automatically found and calculated for you.

Connect with your qMRI research colleagues around the world so you’ll never be out-of-phase
qCal’s robust cloud-based group collaboration tools allow you to share datasets seamlessly, no matter where you are.

QA/QC Results and Reports: On-Screen and Downloadable!
qCal is flexible in terms of how you would like to view your scanner results and your comprehensive QA/QC reports.

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