BrainVision Analyzer 2

Analyzer 2 is easy to use, comprehensive solution for neurophysiological data analysis.

Analyzer2 guarantees data compatibility and exchangeability with research labs all over the world, with the ability to easily read and process more that 25 data formats from different EEG manufacturers automatically and without user intervention.

Data management is simplified by the editable History TreeĀ®, which lets you organize, explore and trace evaluation steps, while recurring tasks are optimized through automated analysis with drag & drop functions.

Analyzer2 includes all necessary pre-processing functions, enhanced time-frequency analysis options, ICA, LORETA, MRI correction.

Offering unlimited output possibilities to publish your results, through different views. Programming interfaces in .NET languages can be used to expand functionality, ensuring stability, fast adaptation to new requirements and ample scope of future expansion.

Thousands of research labs around the world, use Analyzer2 to manage their daily work of analysing various neurophysiological data. Analyzer2 is more than just a state-of the art EEG and ERP analysis tool!

BrainVision analyzer 2 Software

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