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News | R-Net System size range expanded 18 Aug 2021


R-Net Product update - Symbiotic Devices

The R-Net System is now extended to other application fields with the release of infant and children sizes, the system significantly reduces time preparation allowing scientists more time to collect data.

The addition expands the range from infant to adult sizes.

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News and Development

ACNS Conference Melbourne 2018 22 - 25th November 2018

Venue: The University of Melbourne


Symbiotic Devices will be giving a one day, hands on workshop that will explore EEG in mobile applications, along with EEG-based BCI and LSL, a toolbox for real-time interface with EEG technology.


For more information on the workshop click here.

News and Development

CED European Training Days 10-11 May 2018

Venue: St John's Innovation Centre, Cambridge, UK

CED European training days are for users and prospective users of Spike2 and Signal. The courses are designed so that delegates can attend either one or both days. There are two separate core “threads”, each consisting of four sessions of approximately one hour on both days, with some optional workshop sessions planned.