Symbiotic Devices work closely with our developers and partners which allows us to provide you with quality integrated research solutions that reflect your needs.


Founded in 1995, BESA Research is the leading commercial software package for EEG and MEG data analysis. Analysis options range from pre-processing to advanced source analysis / source imaging, time-frequency and connectivity studies, and statistical analysis. Individual MRI data can be integrated and used for realistic modelling of cortical activity. Combining BESA Research with the clinical software product BESA Epilepsy provides a fast and reliable pipeline for analyzing interictal spikes and epileptic seizure onset. BESA software is used by researchers and clinicians in more than 1500 universities and hospitals world-wide.

Rogue Resolutions Ltd

Brainbox brings together decades of technical and academic expertise to provide a wide range of customisable solutions, together with expert hands on training to satisfy even the most demanding of non-invasive brain stimulation research studies. Enabling the very best neuroscience research with tailored and integrated non-invasive brain stimulation and brain imaging solutions that include techniques such as TMS, tES, TUS, Neuronavigation, EMG, EEG, fNIRS and more.

Brain Products GmbH

Brain Products dedicates itself to the research and understanding of the human brain and nervous system. The focus on positively impacting neuroscience made Brain Products the worldwide leading manufacturer of hard and software solutions for neurophysiological research. Brain Products solutions cover the fields of: ERP, BCI, EEG/fMRI, EEG/TMS, as well as sports, sleep, behavioural sciences and similar disciplines. Brain Products also develops caps, sensors, easily integrated stimulation software and much more.


Cadwell is your source for innovative neurophysiology equipment including EMG, EEG and LTM, PSG, IONM and electrode consumables. Cadwell’s  neurodiagnostic and neuromonitoring solutions are designed to deliver efficient workflow, quality data, reliable performance and easy reporting wherever and whenever you need it. Our brands include Arc EEG, LTM and ICU cEEG; Sierra EMG and EP with integrated ultrasound; Cascade IONM; Easy PSG and CadLink™ data management. Cadwell’s global sales and support teams serve physicians and medical centers worldwide.



CaliberMRI proudly manufactures and develops highly accurate and precise quantitative MRI imaging phantoms to work in conjunction with  cloud-based QC automation software for MRI scanner calibration and standardization. CaliberMRI  imaging phantoms contain known human tissue mimic values and are transformed by qCal-MR™ to manifest incredible human health insights. CaliberMRI’s mission  is to offer top-tier calibration tools that transform MRI into an objective scientific practice.
CED – Cambridge Electronic Design Limited
CED is focused on data acquisition, analysis and experiment control systems for Windows using the powerful 1401 family of laboratory interfaces. CED specialist applications include intracellular and extracellular physiology, spike shape analysis, EEG, EMG, ECG, behavioural studies, evoked response, signal averaging, spectral analysis, patch and whole cell voltage clamp systems (including dynamic clamping), teaching systems and organ bath software. Systems can also be customised by CED or the user for specific applications. CGX
CGX and Cognionics dry EEG headsets and mobile systems have been used by hundreds of research institutions worldwide. The CGX Quick-32r and Quick-20r Series Products are designed in partnership with Brain Products and are fully integrated with Brainvision Recorder. Deymed
Deymed has become an established worldwide leader in devceloping neurology devices for both clinical and research applications including EMG, PSG and TMS. EASYCAP GmbH
EASYCAP supplies EEG Recording Caps of any layout and any channel number for research applications. They can be used with any brand of EEG amplifier and can be made MEG-compatible, TMS-compatible, MR-compatible. EASYCAP supplies a signal generator and impedance meter. EASYCAP distributes the wireless mobile smartphone- or computer-based EEG amplifier Smarting for mobile EEG, Neuroergonomy, Neuroaesthetics, BCI. Smarting can be coupled with Mangold Video Software for Behavioral Analysis.
Interventional Systems iSYS
Interventional Systems is pioneering better patient outcomes by expanding the access to micro-invasive interventions, in a groundbreaking approach they call value-based robotics. Interventional Systems also develops fast, comfortable and hygienic patient positioning solutions. Interventional Systems amplifies its multimodal platform’s interventional reach, both through internal R&D and strategic partnerships.
Medoc Ltd.
Medoc is a leading innovator, developer and manufacturer of neuro-diagnostic medical systems used to assess and monitor acute and chronic pain, while developing advanced thermal stimulators and QST solutions. With over 25 years of proven experience, Medoc offers the Gold-Standard assessment tools and is working to serve the varied needs of both patients and researchers around the globe.
neuroConn GmbH
neuroConn is a leading technology brand from Germany. For over ten years neuroConn has been associated with practice-oriented medical technology used in neuroscience and clinical research, as well as in the diagnosis and treatment of neuropsychological disorders. neuroConn provides users with standardized and clinically evaluated protocols, based on their commitment to quality.
neuroConn exclusively offers their technology as complete, ready-to-use systems (neurofeedback and EEG). Additionally, systems can be customized and variably adjusted to the researcher or practitioner’s needs. In this way, neuroConn technology is suitable in both research settings and hospitals, as well as therapy centres and medical practices.

NIRx Medizintechnik GmbH

NIRx Medical Technologies, LLC. is a world-leader in providing integrated solutions for NIRS tomographic imaging. In 1988 NIRx introduced the concept of tomographic imaging in dense scatting media based on diffusely scattered light. This approach has since been widely adapted and has served to launch the modern day field NIRS tomography.
NIRx provides custom technology solutions to the investigative community for a wide range of NIRS imaging applications. While many of NIRx systems are in the field of neuroscience, they are also used for investigation of breast cancer, peripheral vascular disease and the study of small animals.


Rhythmlink International, LLC designs, manufactures and distributes medical devices. Rhythmlink is recognized as a leader within its field at providing the important physical connection between patients and the diagnostic equipment to record or elicit neurophysiologic biopotentials. Based in Columbia, SC, and founded by neurodiagnostic technicians and engineers in 2002, Rhythmlink strives to provide continuous innovation and superior quality in all of its products.

Rogue Research Inc.

Rogue Research manufactures the Brainsight® family of neuronavigation products which are used in about 450 laboratories around the world in the fields of cognitive neuroscience, rehabilitation research, and veterinary sciences. The system allows localizing in real-time the position of specific tools relative to the brain anatomy. This technology is mainly used in the field of transcranial magnetic stimulation and image-guided surgery in veterinary applications.
Rogue Research also manufactures physiological acquisition systems, such as an electromyography system and a diffuse optical imaging system, therefore integrating multiple solutions to neuroscience research applications. VPixx

VPixx Technologies is a privately held company serving the vision research community by developing innovative hardware and software tools for vision scientists. Since founded in 2001, VPixx Technologies supplies quality instruments to researchers and teachers in the fields of visual psychophysics, electrophysiology, cognition, and fMRI.