BESA Epilepsy Software


BESA Epilepsy 1.0

CE certified software for fast review and clustering of epileptiform EEG activities

  • Run an automatic spike detection with 91% sensitivity in adults and children.
  • Spike detection takes at the most 3h on a 24h EEG.
  • Select a patient and the EEG review epoch instead of files.
  • Choose optimized montages and filters in EEG Review by 1-click.
  • Decide, if hyperclusters are epileptiform or not. Spend 5 minutes a day for each patient.
  • A final report is generated automatically. Add EEG images and comments manually by 1-click.
  • Manage the data of 12 different EEG data formats in one program.
  • Easy to install and quick integration into your system.
  • Learn the program very fast based on a tutorial including four example patients.
  • Available in Clinical Edition for countries accepting the CE certification for clinical use. Note that this edition is not FDA approved.
  • Available in Research Edition for research purposes only. This edition is also intended to be used in our new reliable pipeline to analyze interictal spikes and seizure onset in EEG and MEG.

You want to save time on long-term EEG evaluation?

BESA Epilepsy 1.0 provides automatic spike detection with 91% sensitivity in adults and children. The clustering and hyperclustering of the detected interictal activity is an efficient feature for the EEG evaluation. Spend 5 minutes a day to evaluate a 24h EEG. Print your final report or store it a PDF.

Start the spike detection directly after your recording starts and you can evaluate the EEG nearly online. For offline analysis BESA Epilepsy 1.0 requires approximately 3h to analyze a 24h EEG.

You want to evaluate EEGs recorded by different systems in one application?

BESA Epilepsy 1.0 is able to read 12 different EEG data formats. Manage your data in one common database. Select the patient and choose a review interval to start the EEG evaluation. Don’t think in files any longer.

  • BESA
  • Coherence/ITMed
  • Compumedics
  • EBNeuro
  • EDF+
  • Grass-Telefactor (TwinRef)
  • Micromed
  • Nicolet Nervus
  • Nihon Kohden
  • Stellate Harmonie

    Spike detection

    Automated detection and fast clustering

    • Automated detection of epileptiform discharges, e.g. spikes, sharp waves, with 91% sensitivity in adults and children.
    • Automated detection using 29 regional brain sources. High sensitivity – also for spikes in fissures!
    • Detection takes at the most 3h on a 24h EEG.
    • Runs on routine EEG and LTM EEG.
    • Program execution recommended on each acquisition unit (Clinical Edition only) and/or server in “nearly-online” or offline mode.
    • Independent of acquisition software with additional review capability.
    • Easy, intuitive workflow to set up detection during EEG monitoring.


    Do you need to page through 4537 detections over a 24 h EEG?

    No. Since clustering and hyperclustering are done after spike detection.
    “Fast evaluation of interictal spikes in long-term EEG by hyper-clustering”


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