Cadwell Sierra Summit

Features of a Basic Cadwell Summit System

  • Base Unit with dedicated keypad and knob controls (requires a computer)
  • Dual high-power speakers with software controlled equalizer
  • Handheld StimTroller Plus™ (3 programmable buttons, remote stim and control)
  • 2, 3, 4, 6 or 12 Channel Amplifier
  • USB Footswitch
  • EMG protocols (free run and capture mode) – Buffer Playback with audio
    (up to 10 minutes) – Unlimited Buffer Storage – Programmable Muscle Scoring
    EMG snapshots within the published reports
  • QEMG
    MUP Tool – Single Motor Unit Analysis – Multi-Motor Unit Analysis
    Interference Pattern Analysis
  • EMG Guided Injection Protocol
  • NCV (motor, sensory, mixed, inching)
  • F Wave / H Reflex
  • AnatomyVIEW™
  • Side-to-Side Comparisons (NCV, F, H, EP)
  • Blink Reflex
  • RNS (1 or 2 channel acquisition)
  • SEP + SEP Interleave (upper, lower, dermatomes)
  • Autonomic Studies – Heart Rate Variability (RR Interval) – Sympathetic Skin Response (SSR)
  • Programmable Study Lists
  • Tabular Data Summary View
  • QuickReport™ MS Word® based report generator
  • Auto Findings Composer (automatic comparison to norms and creation of sentences
    for NCV, F, H, EMG and EP findings)
  • EP Analysis (add, subtract, average, grand average, invert)
  • EMG to AVI Converter (convert EMG to video/audio files)
  • DataLAB™ (calculate user-defined relationships)
  • ASCII Output Utility (all test protocols)
  • CadLink™ Database (management of patient files and user settings)
  • Compatible with Sierra Wave data files and user settings
  • Internal Calibration Signals
  • Hardware Diagnostics Suite (diagnostic routines for the amp, electrical stim and keypad)
  • Electrode Continuity Check (built into amplifier)
  • Comprehensive Application Help Topics
  • Free Technical Phone Support
  • Lifetime Software Upgrades
  • Soft-sided Carrying Case
  • Starter Electrode Kit
  • Reader Software
Sierra Summit

Sierra Summit Point-of-Care Cart

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