Spike 2 Software

Spike 2 Software, Version 10

Spike2 is a multi-channel continuous data acquisition and analysis package. Uses range from a simple chart recorder to complex applications requiring stimulus generation, data capture, scrolling or triggered displays, control of external equipment and custom analysis. This flexibility makes it suitable for a wide range of applications for specific analysis tasks.

  • Spike2 is ideal for applications in many fields including electrophysiology, neurophysiology, sports science, pharmacology and many more.
  • Spike2 provides power and flexibility for demanding applications, such as extracellular multi-electrode recording and complex stimulus timing.
  • Spike2 features a built-in script language to customise the program and provide control from simple automation to addition of complex analyses.
  • Spike2 imports data recorded by many other systems, you can take advantage of this extremely versatile software to analyse existing data.
  • Spike2 can export data to spreadsheet, text, binary and MATLABĀ® files.
  • Spike2 is continually updated; the latest version adds new features for free throughout the life cycle of the version.

These powerful data capture and analysis functions, together with one of the CED1401 family of laboratory interfaces, make Spike2 an extremely flexible, cost-effective and time-saving addition to any laboratory.

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