CED Whisker Stimulator 3901

Controls an array of piezo-electric stimulator elements

The CED 3901 whisker stimulator is a controller for an array of piezo-electric stimulator elements, offering precisely controlled temporal patterns, with repeatable stimulation. Each 3901 drives 9 stimulator elements and up to 7 can be linked, to control up to 63 elements.

It is mains-powered and is controlled by 8 bits of the digital output of a CED 1401, or by USB. Each of the stimulator elements can be connected to one of four sources; either of the two external waveform inputs, an individual programmable pseudo-random noise generator, or mute.

Software control is provided as a demonstration Spike2 script.

  • Precisely control temporal patterns with repeatable stimulation
  • Horizontal, vertical and diagonal control
  • 9 to 63 output channels ±45v @ 10mA
  • Drive grids of 3×3 up to 7×9
  • Filtered outputs 2nd order low pass Butterworth (1kHz)
  • Output muting
  • Independent pseudo random noise generators
  • Adjustable noise levels
  • Use with Micro or Power intelligent interface or driven from other DAQ system
  • Software controlled – USB or 8-bit digital communication
  • Size – Micro1401 format: 366 x 48 x 217mm (14.4 x 1.75 x 8.5 ins) (W x H x D)

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