Symbiotic Devices is, a wholly owned Australian company that was founded in 2011 with the purpose of developing and maintaining strong connections between researchers and academics in Australia and New Zealand and the neuroscience industry globally.  Our company is built on our passion, knowledge and experience of scientific research in neuroscience.

Symbiotic Devices brings Australian and New Zealand scientists, researchers and medical practitioners a wide range of innovative, best-in-class quality products and comprehensive in-depth support by partnering with selected manufacturers who share our philosophy, focus on providing support and designing products that match our customers’ unique needs. Symbiotic Devices maintains a worldwide pricing strategy to offer the best possible price for all of its products, including pricing transparently in collaboration with our manufacturers.

Our fields of application include EEG and EP/ERP, EEG & fMRI (simultaneous measurement, online correction), EEG & TMS (simultaneous measurement, online correction), EEG & MEG, BCI and Neurofeedback (in real-time, using various interfaces), source localisation (LORETA, BESA) as well as recording and analysis of peripheral physiology signals via sensors (GSR/EDA, respiration, acceleration, etc.), neuronavigation, neuroimaging, neuromodulation (t-dcs, t-acs), transient capture, patch and voltage clamp LTP studies, electrophysiology, neurophysiology, cardiovascular and respiratory studies, sports science and pharmacology.

Our range of high quality products include:

Our core software package include:

We also offer a range of accessories, electrode caps with passive electrodes (EasyCaps, BrainCaps, BrainCap MR) as well as electrode caps with active electrodes (actiCAP Slim, EasyCap active). Check out the full range through our EEG caps and accessories catalogue.

Learn more about Symbiotic Devices full range of products here: Symbiotic Devices Complete Product Catalogue.

Symbiotic Devices works with several manufacturers and products to offer the best possible integrated solution. In addition, our partners are constantly involved in new product development and integration of technologies and products with those of other manufacturers to improve and optimise current practices, and to expand capabilities and applications to provide novel methods of scientific investigation. We maintain strong relationships with our customers and our partners to provide our customers with equipment and support solutions that match their unique requirements.

Symbiotic Devices and our partners have long-standing customers, including many highly regarded universities and research institutes all around the world.

For further information, please visit our website at www.symbioticdevices.com.au or contact us at info@symbioticdevices.com.au or phone +61 1300 934 947.