Going Wireless has never been so easy

The wireless MOVE is a solution that replaces the existing cables connecting electrodes and amplifier with wireless-based communication. This solution allows the subject to move freely and makes it very suitable for use with a Brain Computer Interface (BCI), neurofeedback and motor learning.

MOVE at a glance

  • The small, lightweight transmitter and the receiver can be used with virtually any existing amplifier/electrode combination.
  • As the transmitter is not integrated into the cap, there is no risk of damaging it when cleaning the cap. Simply disconnect the transmitter and clean the cap the way you always have.
  • Each MOVE is capable of handling 64 channels; up to 5 units can be used in the same location.
  • Normal experiments become more convenient; new paradigms can be incorporated into day-to-day research.

How does it work?

The MOVE transmitter amplifies and digitizes the incoming raw analogue signal and sends it to the MOVE receiver, where the digital data is converted back to analogue. Since the amplification factor is 1:1, the existing EEG amplifier receives exactly the same data as previously. If the data is not received properly, the receiver unit will send a TTL pulse marker to the amplifier. A further marker is sent when stable and reliable data reception resumes. This feature is extremely useful during the data analysis stage; in the unlikely event of the wireless connection being interrupted during the recording, a user can still determine exactly when the problem occurred.

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