Brainsight TMS Neuronavigation

BrainSight TMS stereotaxic neuronavigation system offers online visual feedback of the TMS coil position in respect to the individuals MRI image or MRI generated 3D curvilinear reconstruction of the brain through a subject-image coregistration.  Allowing precise stimulation of specific cortical target locations, taking into account coil position as well as orientation. Stimulation sites can be stored and used for repeated measurements.

Targets for stimulation can then be identified in numerous ways:

  • manually by selecting and highlighting the desired structure / locations within the brain, or
  • by combining anatomical MRI images with areas of activity highlighted with fMRI, EEG or NIRS.

The Brainsight has over 10 years of field proven technology, with an install base of over 400 laboratories around the world. During this time it has evolved into the neuroscience hub, through integration with neuromodulation and neuroimaging systems.

The benefits of the latest Brainsight TMS navigation system include:

  • universal compatibility, working with any TMS system, from any manufacturer;
  • flexible, easy coil calibration
  • simple and intuitive software workflow;
  • flexible target selection, based on:
    • anatomy
    • standardised coordinates (MNI or Talairach)
    • overlays (e.g. CT, EEG, fMRI, MEP, NIRS, PET etc.)
    • recorded coil locations from previous sessions
  • detailed recordings stored for every TMS pulse, including:
    • coil position and orientation
    • coil/stimulator status (on supported TMS models)
    • intended target, distance to intended target (depth) and positioning error
    • EMG response
    • EEG response (on supported EEG models)
    • NIRS recording
  • fully exportable data, for offline analysis;
  • customised layouts, views and reconstructions to suit all users and requirements.
  • stunning graphics
  • integrated 2-channel EMG for mapping studies
  • 3D CAD import
  • Brainsight TMS

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