NIRScout -Powerful NIRS Imager

With NIRScout, you can measure fNIRS from anywhere on the head concurrently with (nearly) any other modality. It is our most versatile solution for fNIRS researchers.
NIRScout multi-modal NIRS neuroimaging system from NIRx

Setup fNIRS Fast
NIRx uses the NIRScap system for an incredibly fast setup (see video of <60-second setup).

Multi-Modal Integration
NIRScout is ideal for multi-modal measurements with EEG, fMRI, eye-tracking, cochlear implants, TMS, tDCS, EMG, pulse oximetry, and other modalities for concurrent measurements.

Application-Specific Probes & Headgear
Specialized probes and headgear available for comfortable measurements on any subject, for any application.


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All Amplifiers (EMG, EP, EEG)