CGX Quick-20r Wireless Dry EEG Headset

21 Channels EEG + 2 Channels ExG

– Completely redesigned.
– Increased comfort, signal quality, and ease-of-use.
– With built-in LED impedance measurement.

The Quick-20r v2 is a complete rethinking of the capabilities of a dry EEG headset. With industry-leading signal quality, active electrodes for unparalleled noise rejection, long-term comfort, enhanced usability, and a unique on-board impedance checking system for instant confirmation.
Used the world over in basic research, neurofeedback, and rapid QEEG for guided TMS and other neurodiagnostic research. Quick Series headsets are the best-selling, most popular dry headsets available.

Designed in partnership with Brain Products. Fully integrated with Brainvision Recorder.


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