BrainAmp ExG

BrainAMP ExG

The BrainAmp ExG amplifier is a bipolar amplifier used to record EMG, ECG, EOG and polygraphic channels such as GSR (Galvanic Skin Response), acceleration, temperature and blood pulse.

The compact BrainAmp ExG amplifier (16ch) is based on the same technology and design as the entire BrainAmp family and is therefore fully compatible with all the other members of its BrainAmp siblings.
All signals can be recorded with a sampling rate up to 5000 Hz and a broad hardware bandwidth ranging from DC to 1000 Hz. The ExG was developed as an extension to all the other BrainAmp amplifiers, however it can be used as a fully independent unit.

The ExG amplifier is powered by a rechargeable battery “the PowerPack”, and can be connected to a laptop for recordings anytime anywhere.


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