The following is a selection of the ARTG certificates currently available for goods supplied by Symbiotic Devices.

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Symbiotic Devices ARTG Profile


ARTG Certificate Symbiotic Devices article ARTG-GMDN Term Brand
186976 EEG Electrodes Electrode, electroencephalograph Cadwell
192084 EMG Electrodes Electrode, electromyograph Cadwell
251692 Sierra Summit System Electromyograph Cadwell
283398 Ultrasound System Ultrasound system, imaging, general-purpose Cadwell
283399 EEG System Electroencephalograph Cadwell
293809 IOMAX System Neurophysiologic monitoring system Cadwell
356742 Electrodes Electrode, electromyograph Cadwell
310991 Electrodes Electrode FM
311381 EMG Electrodes Electrode, electromyograph FM
370597 Medical adhesive remover, non-sterile Medical adhesive remover, non-sterile Mavidon
370598 Collodion Protectant Collodion Protectant Mavidon
233399 VSA – Vibration Testing Measurement Device Quantitative sensory tester, neuropathology diagnosis Medoc
233400 TSA 2 Quantitative sensory tester, thermal analysing system Medoc
274256 EEG, EP, IONM, ICU, NCS, PSG Electrodes and Needles Subdermal needle electrode Rhythmlink
274257 IONM probes  Stimulator, electrical, neuromuscular, diagnostic Rhythmlink
290956 EEG, EMG, EP Pad Surface Electrodes Electrode, transcutaneous, electrical nerve stimulation Rhythmlink
290957 EEG, EMG, EP Electrodes Electrode, electroencephalograph Rhythmlink
277072 EMG Electrodes Electrode, electromyograph Technomed Europe
325409 EMG Electrodes Electrode, electroencephalograph Technomed Europe
355100 EEG, EMG Electrodes Cable/lead, electromyograph Technomed Europe
356311 EEG, EMG Needle Electrodes Subdermal needle electrode Technomed Europe
356312 Probes Nerve-locating probe, single-use Technomed Europe
356849 EMG Tube Electrodes Electromyographic endotracheal tube electrode Technomed Europe