TSA2 Air

TSA2 Air is the latest portable air-cooled quantitative sensory testing (QST) device with the full range of thermal stimuli, from cool/warm sensation to cold/heat pain.


• All thermal modalities (Cold sensation, Cold pain, Warm sensation, Heat pain)
• Gold-standard 30×30 mm thermode
• Air cooled for easy maintenance
• Portable device
• TTL In and Out for synchronization with external devices
• External control through Matlab, Phyton, and other platforms


• Standard QST protocols including Limits, Levels and TSL
• Signaling abilities for intricate protocols: TTL and external control
• Noxious and non-noxious heat and cold
• Can be used with CoVAS USB

Fits dynamic QST:

• Conditioned pain modulation
• Temporal summation
• Offset analgesia

Learn more:

TSA2 Air Medoc Product Brochure

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