Signal Generator & Impedance Meter

SIGGI II is a laboratory tool for generating and measuring electrical signal parameters in the voltage range of typical biophysiological signals.


The calibrated Signal Generator, issuing both built-in and recorded signals onto 1-32 channels (accompanied by a trigger signal), can be used to verify an amplifier‘s ability to correctly record amplitudes and frequencies, to visualize filter characteristics, to check linearity of DC amplifiers and to check Common Mode Rejection (CMR).

The Impedance Meter measures the impedance between 1-32 electrodes and their reference and ground electrodes. Special custom adaptors for any EEG-Recording Cap / electrode input box can be supplied. This is a comfortable way to measure impedances independent from the EEG amplifier or if there are reasons to doubt the impedance measurement routines built into the respective amplifier.

The Amplifier/Data Logger can record, amplify and store user specific signals and replay them with the Signal Generator.

The Electrode Tester measures the electrode potential of 1-32 electrodes and its changes for up to 6 hours. This unique tool is indispensable for assessing the suitability of individual electrodes for DC recordings.

SIGGI-2 EasyCap connections

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Suitable for:

All Electrodes, Probes and Cables