The actiCHamp for electrophysiological (EEG/ERP, ExG, BCI, etc.) research in one easy to use, highly versatile and affordable amplifier.

The ActiCHamp active amplifier-electrode system offers high sampling rate of up to 100kHz per channel and allows high oversampling. It is a simple plug and play concept which makes it extremely easy to increase number of channels by adding modules of 32 unipolar channels each up to a maximum of 160 channels and with 8 sensor channels. It has a 8 bit trigger input and a 8 bit trigger output which allows to easily synchronise the actiCHamp with other devices such as stimulation computers, eye trackers, motion capture devices, etc.

 actiCHamp advantages:

  • 24-bit battery-supplied, active channel amplifier coming along with the popular actiCap active electrodes
  • available with 32, 64, 96, 128 and 160 EEG channels
  • 8 integrated AUX inputs can be used with a full range of biosignal sensors (e.g. GSR, EOG, EMG, ECG, respiration, acceleration, temperature, blood pulse, photosensor, miccrophone, etc.)
  • extremely high sampling rate (up to 100 KHz) and wide hardware bandwidth
  • simple plug and play concept to easily increase the number of channels by adding modules of 32 channels)
  • adding the BIP2AUX Adaptor recording bipolar signals through the existing AUX inputs is also possible
  • compatible with PyCorder (open-source) and BrainVision Recorder (commercial license) for signal recordings.
  • RecView can be used for free with PyCorder.¬† RecView allows to do EEG real time analyses like averaging, filtering, FFT, ICA and LORETA. RecView also allows to give visual feedback or to output signals to other devices.

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