TrackPixx 3

2 kHz binocular eye tracker

The TRACKPixx3 is a 2 kHz eye/gaze-tracking solution. The TRACKPixx3 is versatile, supporting both monocular and binocular tracking with a single mechanical configuration. Interchangeable lenses support tracker distances from 60 cm to over 160 cm. The TRACKPixx3 does not require a dedicated PC to process eye images and generate gaze information; all image processing is performed within the TRACKPixx3 hardware. Gaze data can be logged within the TRACKPixx3 and retrieved by the testing PC with a simple low-latency USB interface.

The TRACKPixx3 video feed can be accessed directly through a console display for real-time visualization and adjustment of the tracker. A scene camera can be connected to the tracker to monitor the experiment. These video feeds can also be accessed through the USB interface for remote control of the TRACKPixx3.


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TrackPixx3 Video

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Suitable for:

All Navigators, Localisers and Cameras