DuoMAG™MP-Dual – Dual Monophasic Stimulator

Advanced Dual-Monophasic magnetic stimulator for clinical and research use.

DuoMAG MP-Dual combines two DuoMAG MP units to provide fully programmable paired pulse stimulation through a single stimulating coil. By controlling the pulse intervals and power level of each DuoMAG MP, it is possible to provide precise sub- and supra-threshold conditioning and test pulses. This is useful for the investigation of Inter-Cortical and Intra-Cortical Inhibition and Facilitation.
The inter-stimulus interval (ISi) of the two pulses is adjustable with the following methods:
The first is via the supplied touch-screen programmable interface. This allows the programming of the following ISi intervals:

0 – 6 ms @50 µs resolution
6 – 12 ms@ 100 µs resolution
12- 24 ms @200 µs resolution
24- 60 ms @500 µs resolution
60- 120 ms@ 1 ms resolution
120 – 240 ms @2 ms resolution
240 – 600 ms @5 ms resolution
The second is via external triggering of two TTL inputs, one for each stimulator, offering complete user flexibilityof the ISi setting

The DuoMAG MP-Dual also allows the possibility of pulse shaping by overlapping the two independent pulses. This is programmable either in the supplied user interface or for even greater resolution via the two independent TTL inputs. When the ISi is set to zero, the resulting sum of the two single pulses provided by the DuoMAG MP stimulators produce a single high power pulse equal to 140% of a single DuoMAG MP. It is also possible to connect two individual coils for additional uses including interhemispheric stimulation.

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