Cadwell Cascade

Cadwell Cascade base unit and amplifiers

The original Cascade amplifier utilizes Crosspoint Technology, which provides the flexibility of a referential amplifier with the super quiet qualities of a true differential amplifier.

  • Supports Cascade 3.0 Classic software platform
  • Crosspoint Technology allows flexibility of referential amplifier with quiet qualities of a true differential amplifier
  • 16 channel/32 input configuration
  • Dynamic montaging allows any combination of inputs to be connected to a channel for unlimited channel utilization
  • Every channel has independent gain, hi-cut and lo-cut filter controls
  • Extensive shielding minimizes interference associated with long electrode cables
  • Input extenders effectively place the amplifier inputs closer to the electrode site
  • Patented shielding in cable significantly reduces noise and allows the use of shorter electrode cable lengths
  • The amplifier may be placed away from the operating table without any loss of signal fidelity or increase in interference
  • Each patented extender has eight inputs plus one ground with a molded shielded cable

The Cascade has a variety of electrical stimulator options to suit a wide range of needs.
Cascade stimulators display actual current delivered so you always know how much current
is being delivered to the patient.